Product manager, web developer, & bag of opinions.

I never know how to fill this area up, so let's go over the basics.

  • I'm Felipe Vega, a product manager and web developer based in Los Angeles California.
  • I live with my beautiful girlfriend and our two dogs Snowbear and Luna.
  • Even though I live in sunny Los Angeles, I hate the heat and I love the rain!
  • I write and world-build for my custom Dungeons and Dragons setting (#foreverDM) and have plans for some other short stories in the future🤞🏻
  • I have a lot of opinions on product design, project management, software development, optimal room temperature (68ºF fyi)...

I could go on 😅, but instead here's a picture of me and my family.

Myself, Sandra, Luna and Snowbear
Luna 'Snowy'


These are the tools I use most often for development and they keep my projects modern, concise, and efficient.

Tailwind for CSS

Alpine for javascript

Livewire for reactivity

Laravel for PHP

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Product Manager 2022 — Present
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Product Manager 2021 — Present Lead Developer 2019 — 2021 Web Developer 2017 — 2019
Felipe Vega


Web Developer 2014 — 2017